Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions on decks, decking materials, construction needs and more from DM Outdoor Living Spaces.

  • Do you do your own design work?Open or Close

    Yes. At DM Outdoor Living Spaces, our ultimate goal is to create a well-built, durable projects that meets your needs. DM Outdoor Living Spaces offers full-featured design services. DM Outdoor Living Spaces’s designer will collaborate with you to design your living space. From the first design meetings and phone calls, through construction, your designer will be on-hand, answering questions and solving problems. Our contractual excellence speaks for itself; look through our Portfolio to see examples of our previous work done.

  • Who is responsible for applying for the permit?Open or Close

    A construction permit or building permit may be required as part of a residential project for new construction, for renovation or for expansion of an existing residence and posted on the job site. DM Outdoor Living Spaces takes full responsibility for acquiring the needed permit throughout the process which includes drawings to the final application.

  • Do you charge for estimates?Open or Close

    No, DM Outdoor Living Spaces does NOT CHARGE for an estimate. Estimates are always a pleasure.

  • Do you require a deposit to start the project?Open or Close

    DM Outdoor Living Spaces requires a minimum deposit of $500 due before the start of the project.