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We install all our patios and walkways on a 7-8 inch compacted base. The material is a crushed product which allows water to drain through it. If it is a vehicular surface an additional 4″ base of material 2-3 inches in size stone is added as a sub base. In each case, as deep as the base is, it also extends wider than the finished edge of the paver or wall product. We utilize a T-type edging to retain the paver. In a freeze/thaw climate, this product stays in place.

When you look through our gallery of latest projects, take notice of the patio steps. They blend together with the patio. We utilize a poured concrete for steps with pavers glued to it. This will out perform retaining wall products.

Choosing the right products

When choosing a composite decking or railing product today the key word is “stain resistant” or “stain proof”. That type of product will be least likely to acquiring mold. These higher end composite materials come with grooved edges to accommodate fasteners. I encourage you to visit manufacture’s web sites for the most updated information. There is always something new. Keep in mind you can mix manufacturers of decking and rail. A stained cedar rail is always a possibility with a composite deck.

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Durable, affordable and long lasting

Wood decks are durable, affordable and long lasting. We have always used Premium Pressure Treated decking material. The green treated look has been replaced with a cedar color. Craftsmanship, installation process, and poor grade of material have given treated wood a bad reputation. A failing structure with poor craftsmanship is the most common cause of a deck replacement. Cedar decking material doesn’t hold up as well when power washed. We have Premium pressure treated structures out there approaching twenty five years old that are still in use. You will find a noticeable detailed finish to our work. From the custom radius edges (on all edges of decking) that we craft on site to the tight fitting cuts around posts and home. Also you will find our rail support post inside the frame of the deck, never bolted to the outside that simply doesn’t hold up!

A quality structure is the beginning of a quality installation. When shopping for your contractor it’s a must to go look at the older projects and jump on it. It should feel like a concrete patio.

Most Current techniques

The most common myth is we need to have the deck screwed down so the nail heads don’t come up. When the deck structure moves so do the fasteners. When a nail fastener is used and it is not counter sunk below the surface it will always be on the surface, therefore coming up when the decking expands and contracts. The older projects we have with 2×6 Premium Decking utilizes a 16 penny casing nail counter sunk below the surface. Today with 5/4 x 6 Premium decking or cedar we utilize a 2 3/8 ring shank nail installed with a pneumatic nail gun. With the correct amount of pressure will counter sink them. We will use screw fasteners although they have a industrial look to them no matter how they are counter sunk.

Finishing Touches

As much as we prefer to use treated wood for decking we like to use cedar for the railing components. Where as decking can be secured to a joist. The rail components span greater distances with no fasteners making pressure treated wood susceptible to warping.
Our most common rail we call the D&M Rail. It is a 4×4 smooth cedar post inside the frame. Frame material is used for blocking around it for stability. The horizontal is a 1×4 that has rough sawn look. This material covers all ends of pickets, top and bottom so there is a finish look to all sides of the rail. The 2×2 pickets are of a clear cedar product. The rail is then capped with a 2×6.

Low Maintenance

In our gallery you will see wood rails which are stained. We consider this low maintenance when you compare it to a transparent stain that requires an application every other year. With solid stain you can match the siding or an accent color on your home.

With this process we prime the wood with a oil base primer. If this is not done the final coat of latex will peel. This is all done before installation. This enables all sides of the material to be covered. This is crucial because the wood will bleed if not primed. While we are installing, all cuts are also primed. The top rail remains natural. Primed or not flat horizontal surfaces do peel.

Outdoor Spaces

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  • Fireplaces and Fire Pits
  • Front Entries
  • Gazebos
  • Hot Tub Enclosures
  • Outdoor Grills and Grill Stations
  • Patio and Pavers
  • Screened and Sunrooms

Indoor Spaces

  • Basement Refinishing
  • Custom Bar
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Cabinetry
  • Basement Entrances
  • Unique Home Office

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